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Pacama Update:
Our Science and Education Report for 2023 


Here is a report of our first year of scientific and educational activities. In addition to the activities listed below, in 2023 we regularly updated our inventory of the animal and plant life on our website for the public to explore and enjoy. All blog posts can be found on our Education and Science Program Updates page.

Scientific Investigations of the Pacama Vly’s Ecology


We hosted several meetings with local naturalists and scientists to explore the preserved Pacama parcel, created an initial inventory of its flora and fauna, and contributed to the science community’s body of knowledge about this ecological corridor.

Tuesday June 20th: Discussion of the history of Pacama Vly

In attendance with our officers were Steve Parisio, geologist and soil specialist, Dr. Morton S. Adams, environmental scientist and Vice President of the Olive Natural Heritage Society, and John Franklin, lichen specialist

Friday June 29th: Site visit to Pacama Vly

With Steve Parisio and Dr. Morton S. Adams. Please see blog post and field report from Steve Parisio for details.

July 9th: Site visit to Pacama Vly

With Frank Parisio, wetland ecologist. Please see blog post for details.

August 25th: Site visit for Radiocarbon Dating and Fauna Collection

With Mike Kudish, author, renowned botanist, forest historian and retired professor emeritus in the Division of Forestry at Paul Smith's College, Chris Nilan, naturalist and nursery owner, and Tom O’Dowd, science teacher, Red Hook, NY.  Please see blog post for the initial report.

Community Walks


In coordination with the Olive Free Library we hosted community walks where participants learned about the Pacama Vly’s rare ecology.


August 18th

Led by Ryan Trapani, Catskill Forest Association. Please see blog post.

September 25th

Led by Frank Parisio, wetland ecologist Please see blog post.

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